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Careers Expo Survey Question - 2014

Students were asked a sequence of three questions, first: to nominate a world issue that was important in their opinion, second: whether they recognised Pope Francis from a photo taken amongst youth at the World Youth Day in Rio; third: whether any comment that Pope Francis had made about their nominated world issue had registered with them.



There was a total of 731 students contacted, slightly more males than females. The most common issues raised in order of frequency were poverty and war/conflicts, climate change, asylum seekers/refugees. Almost everyone recognised the Pope and a majority were able to name him as Pope Francis. A majority (62%) were not aware of anything that the Pope might have said about their nominated issue. The remaining students varied in their degree of awareness of something that he might have said.



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Life is more than a career. Happiness comes from giving of self. A vocation is a complete gift of yourself to another person, whether in marriage, or to the person of Jesus Christ in lay or religious life.

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Serra is comprised of groups of Catholic lay people who join together in the life of the Church. One purpose is to foster vocations to the priesthood and the religious life. Another equally important purpose is to help each member grow in his or her faith. Each club strives to become a "university of Christian principles," contributing to the education and spiritual growth of its members. As Serrans work together and get to know each other, a special fellowship develops.

Membership of Serra is open to any adult Catholic who is willing to embrace the five elements of Serra. We are Catholic men and women of all ages from all walks of life ... businesspersons, homemakers, lawyers, teachers, farmers, retirees. All share a deep faith, desiring action.

The Serra Club of Canberra gained its Charter on 15th April 1978. The Club undertakes a range of activities towards its goals. The club meets monthly for Mass and a dinner meeting. At most meetings a speaker or a panel presents a subject of interest and challenge to Catholics. Serrans foster each others' spiritual growth through prayer, spiritual reading, shared Eucharist and discussions at club meetings.

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